Additional Services

Value-added services to help you buy a vehicle in the US, even if you're just visiting.

Using to broker a vehicle purchase from a dealer

Don't want to waste your holiday planning time playing phone tag with a car salesman in another hemisphere? is a licensed auto dealer, and can purchase a vehicle that you have identified on your behalf.

When brokers a vehicle for you, we set up back-to-back purchase agreements, whereby buys the vehicle from the seller, and you buy the vehicle from

1 contacts the selling dealer and obtains a written purchase order with a final, out-the-door price.

2 sends a purchase order to you for electronic signature in an amount equal to the dealer's purchase order price.


When you sign' purchase order, signs the dealer's purchase order.

4 requests a funds transfer from you in the amount of the purchase order price in USD, or the equivalent amount (net of foreign exchange fees) in EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, or SGD - whichever is most convenient for you.

5 exchanges your funds for USD (if necessary) and immediately remits them to the selling dealer.

Additional vehicle registration can help you register additional vehicles - such as camping trailers, fifth wheels, or motorcycles.

The process is the same as the process to register your first vehicle, except that LLC formation is not required.


Order an additional registration in your Dashboard and we'll send you a shipping label to send the additional vehicle's title to for registration.


Request a 40-day Montana Temp Tag so you can hit the road right away.


We'll register your vehicle, and request a shipping address to send your additional vehicle's license plates, registration, and title.

Ongoing vehicle registration

If you want to keep your vehicle, can keep your vehicle's registration current for as long as you want.

In order to stay current, your Montana LLC and your vehicle's registration need to be maintained.

1 files your LLC's annual report with the State of Montana, keeping it in Good Standing for the following year.

2 renews your vehicle's registration and receives a new registration document and license plate decal in the mail, reflecting your new registration's expiration date.

3 couriers your registration document and decal to a location convenient to you.

Let's Get You on the Road

Let us sort your vehicle admin so you can enjoy your visit.