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We make it easy for visitors to own a vehicle in the United States. Whether you're looking at short-term ownership, plan to hold it for the long haul, or export it, we've got you covered.

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This Is How Easy US Vehicle Ownership Can Be

In the USA, vehicle ownership is governed by states, and Montana has the best combination of laws. Low registration fees. 0% sales tax. No US driver’s license requirement. No emissions tests. And the car doesn’t have to be in Montana–or ever go there. It just takes 3 simple steps:

Find your car (or motorcycle, truck, motorhome, or trailer). Anywhere in the USA.
Purchase it tax-free through a Montana company that we set up for you.
We send your registration, license plates, and title to you.
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Here's How We Earn Your Business

Whether you are planning your first trip to the USA or have been here many times, figuring out how to buy and register a vehicle here is a big decision. I founded this business to solve a problem for many of my visiting friends. I’ve earned the privilege of serving hundreds of customers by sticking to a simple formula: offer fantastic service at a great price. Got a question? We pride ourselves on quick, personal, & knowledgeable support. We can even jump on a video chat to go through everything. Reach out to us now–and I promise you’ll be one step closer to checking “car registration” off your to-do list.

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More Complex Needs?
We've Got You Covered

Vehicle Registration

You buy the vehicle. We register it for you.

Ongoing Registration

 Low annual costs, no hassle.

Additional Vehicles

Even cheaper and easier than the first one.
Non-resident registration allowed
0% Sales Tax
Vehicle inspections not required
Registering your vehicle in Montana will make traveling the US easy and hassle-free.

Montana Is the Best US State for Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in the US is handled at the state level, not the national level.

Montana offers the optimal combination of policies for registering your vehicle.

Your vehicle never has to come to Montana to be registered here.

There are 38 states that

Don't require proof of residency.

There are 21 states that

Don't require proof of residency.
Don't require a US driver's license.

There are 7 states that

Don't require proof of residency.
Don't require a US driver's license.
Don't require vehicle inspections.

Montana is the only US state that

Allows non-residents to register vehicles through a company.
Doesn't require a US driver's license.
Doesn't require vehicle inspections.
Doesn't have vehicle sales tax.

Let's get you on the road

We make US vehicle ownership easy so you can enjoy your visit.


Cheaper than doing it yourself
For any vehicle <$150,000
Get started
Do it yourself in New York
For a $20,000 vehicle
Do it yourself in California
For a $20,000 vehicle


Answers to common questions about

What is is an auto dealer and vehicle registration services provider focused exclusively on international visitors to the United States.

We help international vehicles to the United States own vehicles as an alternative to renting.

What issues do international visitors face when trying to buy a vehicle in the US?

Buying a vehicle is easy - owning it in your name is the hard part.

Owning a vehicle in the US isn't managed by our national government - it's managed by the US states.

So there's not just one formula for owning a vehicle in the US, there are many - one for each US state.

And some US states are harder than others.

Take Illinois.  If you flew into Chicago and wanted to own a vehicle there, you'd have to get an Illinois driver's license.  Or Tennessee - if you flew into Nashville, you'd have to provide a utility bill or a bank statement proving that you live in Tennessee in order to own a vehicle there.

All in all, 21 US states require a US driver's license or social security number to own a vehicle, and 14 US states require proof of residency (in that state) to own a vehicle.

Each US state has its own vehicle inspection requirements, its own taxes, and its own fees.

Is there a "best" US state in which to own a vehicle as an international visitor?

Montana is the best state for non-US residents to own a vehicle.  Why?

- Montana doesn't require a US driver's license or social security number to own a vehicle,

- Montana doesn't have any vehicle inspection requirements, so you can buy your vehicle anywhere in the US, and it never has to come to Montana to be registered here, and

- Sales tax on vehicles in Montana is 0%.  And since sales tax is due where a vehicle is registered, not where it's purchased, owning a vehicle in Montana can be hundreds (or thousands) of dollars cheaper than owning a vehicle in another US state.

How does help international visitors own vehicles in the best US state?

Montana requires a presence in Montana to register a vehicle.

Proof of residence (such as a utility bill or bank statement) is required for individuals.

But like every other US state, considers legal entities (such companies) formed within the state as residents.  

So forms the simplest type of company, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), for each customer.

Your Montana LLC acts as your presence in Montana, and can therefore own a vehicle here.

Your Limited Liability Company is owned 100% by you; just acts as your company's administrator (its Registered Agent).

How does register my vehicle to my company?

Once we have your Montana Limited Liability Company set up, the process is pretty simple:

- You purchase the best vehicle for your roadtrip,

- You or the seller sends the vehicle's prior title (its official ownership document) with a Fedex shipping label that generates and emails to you,

- One of the team walks into the Montana DMV and registers your vehicle to your Montana LLC, and walks out with Montana license plates, registration document, and title for the vehicle.

How long until I can drive my vehicle?

When you use, 40-day Montana temp tags are available upon request.

Temp tags are paper license plates that give a vehicle buyer a grace period between vehicle purchase and vehicle registration.

Montana's temp tags are PDF files. We email them to you, and you print them out, fix them to the rear of your vehicle, and hit the road.

How and when do I receive my license plates, registration, and title? will register your vehicle within 7-10 days of receiving your vehicle's title (properly signed by the previous owner) and we receive your Montana license plates, registration document, and title upon registration.

We will courier (via Fedex) your items to a location convenient to you. That could be to the vehicle's seller or to a friend or family member's house. Or, if you're on the road, we can send your items to a Fedex Office location convenient to your travels, to be held for pickup for up to five business days

What happens at the end of my visit?

Your vehicle is yours to dispose of how you wish - you can sell it, put it into storage for your next visit, or export it for use somewhere else in the world.

If you sell or export your vehicle, and wish to close your Limited Liability Company, simply notify, and we'll send an LLC Termination Request for your electronic signature. will terminate your LLC upon your written, signed request at no additional cost, and provide evidence of its completion (Articles of Termination and Certification Letter, provided by the Montana Secretary of State) for your records.

Can I take my vehicle into Canada? Mexico? Central and South America?


Vehicles with a current, valid US registration can travel freely in any country with relations with the United States.

Vehicles crossing into Mexico and other countries in Central and South America require a permission letter if the vehicle is driven by a person other than the registered owner. Template permission letters are available to customers upon request.

Still have a question?

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Let's Get You on the Road

We make US vehicle ownership easy so you can enjoy your visit.