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The Vehicle Purchase Process

Find your ideal vehicle.
Can be offered by a dealer or an individual.
Car, motorbike, campervan, motorhome - all vehicle types welcome.
List your Montana LLC as the vehicle's buyer.
Your Montana LLC (formed in Step 1) will be the owner of the vehicle, so it should be listed as the buyer on the vehicle's paperwork (including the title).
Pay for the vehicle.
Bank transfer and cash are two common methods for vehicle payment.
Sign your vehicle's title.
Your Montana LLC will own the vehicle, sign for your LLC as follows:
Example LLC by John Doe, president
(If you cannot physically sign the title, you may authorize to sign on behalf of your company.)
Send your vehicle's title to for registration
Enter your vehicle's details in the Dashboard.
We'll automatically generate and email you a Fedex shipping label to send the vehicle's title from the seller to our office.

Want to hit the road while your registration is in process?

Simply request a temp tag from within the Dashboard.

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Answers to common questions about buying a vehicle in the US

Can I buy a motorcycle? A campervan? A motorhome?

You can buy any type of vehicle you want!

How is vehicle ownership transferred from one party to another in the US?

A vehicle’s official ownership document is called a title.  

The title is a separate document from a registration.

In order to transfer a vehicle from one party to another, the owner(s) listed on the vehicle’s title must complete and sign the Seller’s Section of the vehicle’s title.

The new owner must complete the Buyer’s Section of the vehicle’s title and submit it to the registration authorities of the state in which the new owner will register the vehicle.

If I the vehicle will be owned by my Limited Liability Company, how should I complete the Buyer’s Section of the vehicle’s title?

You should list your Montana Limited Liability Company’s name and address in the vehicle’s Buyer’s Section.

Forming your Montana LLC should therefore happen before you purchase your vehicle.

Where the Buyer’s signature is required, sign as follows:

Example LLC by John Doe, president

What should I do with the title after completing the Buyer’s Section and Seller’s Section?

In order to register your vehicle, the vehicle’s title must be physically submitted to the registration authorities.  

Images, photocopies, scans, etc. of the title are not accepted.

When you enter your vehicle’s details in the Dashboard, we automatically generate and email a Fedex shipping label to you.

Forward this prepaid shipping label to the seller, or visit a Fedex Office location, to send your vehicle’s title to for registration.

I cannot be physically present sign the vehicle’s title. What should I do?

You can authorize to sign the title on behalf of your LLC.

Request the seller to write the name and address of your Limited Liability Company in blue or black ink in the Buyer’s Section of the title.  (This ensures that nobody else can register your vehicle if your title is intercepted.)

With your authorization, can sign on behalf of your Limited Liability Company.

Does my Limited Liability Company need a bank account to purchase a vehicle?

A bank account is not required to buy a vehicle via a Limited Liability Company.

It’s very common for one person to buy a vehicle for another person - a parent for a child, or example.

So US auto dealers don’t require the buyer’s details to exactly match the details on the payor’s bank account.

Can I buy a vehicle in Canada?

At this time, supports Canadian vehicles in certain, limited circumstances.

Contact us to learn more.

The dealer is requesting my company’s tax identification number. What is it?

Your Montana Limited Liability Company has an eight-digit Montana Corporate Identifier that begins with the letter “C” which can be found in your Dashboard and on your LLC's Certification Letter.

Provide your Limited Liability Company’s Montana Corporate Identifier to the dealer.

When can I drive my vehicle?

Once you’ve purchased your vehicle, you need registration and insurance to drive it on public roads.  

See Step 3. Registration and Step 4. Insurance for more detail.

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