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Create your Montana presence

Set up a Montana Limited Liability Company to own a vehicle in the best state in the US

Montana: The Best State to
Own a Vehicle in the US

US driver's license not required

A local driver's license or social security number is not required to own a vehicle in Montana.

Buy your vehicle in any US state

Your vehicle never has to physically come to Montana for you to register and own it here.

Sales tax on vehicles: 0%

Sales tax is paid where a vehicle is registered, not where it's purchased. Sales tax in Montana is 0%.

Vehicles owned in Montana can be driven in any US state.
(And Canada, Mexico, and beyond!)

Other States: Hard to Own a Vehicle as an International Visitor

Local driver's license or social security number required
Proof of residency (bank statement or utility bill)
Sales taxes up to 10.5%

How do we do it?
With a Montana Company.

A Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by you, is your Montana presence, allowing you to own a vehicle here.

Takes 1 business day to set up

Easy to maintain handles filing requirements

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Answers to common questions owning a vehicle in the US through a Montana Limited Liability Company

What is a Limited Liability Company?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most basic legal entity in the United States.

It can be used for non-commercial activities such as owning an asset (such as a vehicle or real estate), or organizing a social or sports club.

It can also be used for commercial purposes, such as operating a business.

What is required to form a Montana Limited Liability Company?

A name and Montana address is required to form an LLC.

In addition, all LLC owners' full names and addresses are required.

Finally, every LLC requires a Registered Agent, a domestic person or company who accepts official correspondence for the LLC. acts as the Registered Agent for all of its customers' LLC's.

Who will own my LLC? What role does play in my LLC?

You will be the sole owner of your Montana LLC.

Your LLC can have one or multiple owners.

Every LLC needs a Registered Agent, a domestic person or company that can receive official correspondence for the company. will be your LLC's Registered Agent. will have no economic or controlling interest in your LLC.

What evidence will I receive that documents my ownership of the Montana company?

Upon approval of your Limited Liability Company (LLC), the Montana Secretary of State will issue two documents for you:

- Articles of Formation, documenting the LLC’s name, owner(s), address, Registered Agent, and date of filing; and

- Certification Letter, in which the Montana Secretary of State certifies that your LLC is active, along with the LLC’s name, Montana corporate ID, and effective date.

What are the tax obligations for owning a company in the US?

Your Montana LLC simply exists to own your vehicle.

It won't engage in business, so it won't earn an income.

Montana does not levy a franchise tax, a tax on the net worth of a company.

The only opportunity for your LLC to earn money, and therefore owe taxes, is by selling your vehicle for more than you paid for it. If this happens to you, can connect you with tax professionals.

What filings are required when owning a company in the US?

US companies with foreign ownership greater than 25% must report "material transactions" (such as the purchase or sale of a vehicle) annually with Form 5472. populates Form 5472 with your LLC's details and you input your vehicle’s purchase and/or sale values before the form’s submission.

The Montana Secretary of State requires an annual report to be filed each year for Limited Liability Companies that wish to remain active. files your company’s annual report on your behalf when you use our Ongoing Registration service.

Can I own a Limited Liability Company if I enter the US under a B1/B2 or similar visa, or an ESTA visa waiver?

Your relationship with your Limited Liability Company will be one of ownership, not employment - which is prohibited under non-working visas and visa waivers.

I already have a company in the US. Can I use it to register a vehicle that I buy?

You may be able to use a company that you own to register a vehicle - but only in the state in which your company resides.

You cannot register a vehicle in Montana to a Delaware company (for example), because your Delaware company does not have a presence in Montana.

What happens to my Limited Liability Company at the end of my visit?

If you sell or export your vehicle, and wish to close your Limited Liability Company, simply notify, and we'll send an LLC Termination Request for your electronic signature. will terminate your LLC upon your written, signed request at no additional cost, and provide evidence of its completion (Articles of Termination and Certification Letter, provided by the Montana Secretary of State) for your records.

What if I want to keep my Limited Liability Company open for future use?

You can keep your Limited Liability Company active for as long as you want.

When you take advantage of' Ongoing Registration service, we file your company’s Annual Report with the Montana Secretary of State’s office, and provide you with the Annual Report and Certification Letter for your records.

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