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Just send your vehicle's title to us, and we'll register it to your Montana LLC.

The Vehicle Registration Process

Send your vehicle's title to with the Fedex shipping label that we email to you.
2 registers your vehicle to your LLC within about a week of receiving your vehicle's title.
3 receives your Montana license plates, registration document, and title immediately upon registration.
You'll receive a notification when your items are ready. Provide a shipping address in the Dashboard and we'll Fedex your items to you.

Want to hit the road while your registration is in process?

Simply request a temp tag from within the Dashboard.

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Answers to common questions about registering a vehicle in the US

What is required for to register a vehicle?

Three things are required to register a vehicle to a Montana Limited Liability Company for you:

1. The vehicle’s title document (images or scans are not accepted) properly signed by the seller,

2. Your Montana Limited Liability Company’s Certification Letter, issued by the Montana Secretary of State, and

3. Registration and titling fees (paid for by

Where will register my vehicle? registers all of its customers’ vehicles in the great state of Montana.

Montana is the best state to own a vehicle because:

- A US driver’s license isn’t required to register a vehicle in Montana,

- Your vehicle doesn’t has to physically present in Montana in order to be registered here, and

- Sales tax in Montana is 0%, and because you pay sales tax where you register a vehicle, not where you buy it, registering your vehicle in Montana can save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

How long will it take to register my vehicle?

In order to register your vehicle, we must submit your vehicle’s title document (images or scans are not accepted).

Sending the vehicle’s title to can take a few days.

We batch registrations together, visiting the Montana registration authorities once per week.

Sending your license plates, registration, and title to you can take another few days.

You should therefore plan to receive your vehicle’s items ten days to two weeks after purchasing it.

However, temporary registration permits (i.e., “temp tags”) are available upon request.

Can I drive before my registration is complete? can issue temp tags upon request.

Temp tags, usually issued by licensed auto dealers, give vehicle buyers a grace period to register their vehicles. can issue 40-day Montana temp tags for any vehicle that you purchase.  

These temp tags are a PDF file that we email to you.  Simply print the document, secure it to the rear of the vehicle, and hit the road while your registration is in progress.

Just submit your purchased vehicle’s details in the Dashboard and request your temp tags.

Receipt of your vehicle’s title is not required for us to issue your temp tags.

Can I drive in other US states with Montana license plates?

Any vehicle with a valid and current Montana registration and license plates may be driven in any other US state.

A vehicle with a valid and current Montana registration and license plates can remain in any US state indefinitely (as long as that vehicle’s owner does not become a resident of that state).

What items and documents will receive upon registration? receives your vehicle’s Montana license plates, registration document, and title upon registration.

Your license plates are to be attached to the exterior of your vehicle.

Your registration is to be kept in your glovebox and furnished to law enforcement upon request.

Your title is to be kept somewhere safe, to be provided to the purchaser or exporter of your vehicle at the end of your visit.

How can I receive my items and documents after registration?

When your registration is complete, you’ll receive an email notification to view your license plates, registration document, and title in the Dashboard.

Provide a destination address for your items, and we’ll Fedex them there in about 3 days (excluding weekends).

If you’re on the road, simply choose a Fedex Office location convenient to your travels, and your items will be held there for pickup (with a photo ID of the recipient) for up to 5 business days.

How long is my registration valid for?

Standard vehicle registrations in Montana are valid for one year.

Registrations for motorcycles and trailers are permanent; they never need to be renewed.

If I am pulled over, how do I prove that I own the Limited Liability Company that owns my vehicle?

Your vehicle’s registration document will list your Montana Limited Liability Company as the vehicle’s registered owner.

We recommend keeping a copy of your Limited Liability Company’s Articles of Formation in your glovebox or tank bag, along with your registration document, to easily demonstrate that you own the company that owns the vehicle.

Is my vehicle’s registration valid in Canada? Mexico? Central and South America?

Your vehicle’s registration is valid in Canada, Mexico, and anywhere else that maintains diplomatic relations with the United States (as long as your registration is current).

A border crossing authorization letter is required to take your vehicle into Mexico and Central- and South-American countries.  (A template letter is available upon request.)

Some countries, such as Peru, may require a notarized, apostilled statement that you own the Limited Liability Company that owns your vehicle.

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